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A D R I A N   F I N K E L S T E I N

  • NEW release! By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name (co-authored with Valerie Franich, M.Ed.) -- see "Book Reviews"

  • Former psychiatry professor at UCLA, reincarnation researcher, and past-life regression therapist

  • Also author of Your Past Lives and the Healing Process (1985, 1996).

  • Researcher of the present-life incarnations of famous 1930s Hollywood actress Jean Harlow and her husband, MGM director and producer Paul Bern.


CLICK HERE for "Q&A with Dr. Finkelstein about Reincarnation Research"

CLICK HERE to read a synopsis by psychiatrist Dr. Adrian Finkelstein of the story of "Mary F." -- who, at the age of 7, relayed to him a detailed account of a past life in the late 19th century as Paula Liborio. The details that Mary provided were later confirmed, and the story in its entirety can be found in Your Past Lives and the Healing Process.


In February 2010, FOX LA interviewed Dr. Finkelstein as part of a news report entitled, "Have You Had a Past Life?"

In this 2-minute interview clip with radio host Gary Mantz, Dr. Finkelstein gives an eloquent explanation of why past-life regression is so powerful, healing and transformative:

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