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C H I L D R E N ' S   P A S T - L I F E   M E M O R I E S

(documented case studies)

Video interview with Patricia Austrian about the day her youngest son, Edward, who was only 4, told her about dying in the trenches of World War I after being shot in the throat. Even more startling, a short time later, Patricia and her husband, Dr. Steven Levine, discovered that a large tumor in Edward's throat had completely disappeared:

CHECK OUT the amazing story of James Leininger of Louisiana (U.S.)

SEE Dr. Jim Tucker's page
for information about decades of research on children's past lives conducted at the University of Virginia Medical School.

to visit psychologist Carol Bowman's website. Carol is the author of Children's Past Lives and Return from Heaven -- and has a thriving practice in Pennsylvania as a past-life regression therapist for adults.

CLICK HERE to read a synopsis by psychiatrist Dr. Adrian Finkelstein of the story of "Mary F." -- who, at the age of 7, relayed to him a detailed account of a past life in the late 19th century as Paula Liborio. The details that Mary provided were later confirmed, and the story in its entirety can be found in Dr. Finkelstein's book Your Past Lives and the Healing Process.


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