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Howard Pepper/Natural Spirituality said:   July 31, 2012 4:03 pm PST
Wonderful website, Carol! I have read a few of the books by your featured researchers and learned a lot from them and other sources... to where I have basically no doubt that reincarnation happens. However, I don't assume that it is automatic or "required," as some of the researchers say. I do think the orthodox Christian opposition to reincarnation is based on the core of atonement and salvation theology, much of which was built up and solidified after the writing of the New Testament. Further, the challenge presented by new research on reincarnation will add to other challenges growing in recent decades to standard judgment/grace theology which tends to include eternal punishment. In other words, this all is important stuff, and I appreciate your and others' help on the track of learning we are on culturally. One additional resource may be an additional help and support, though it does not directly deal with reincarnation, but NT-era views of resurrection and the afterlife. It is "Resurrection Reconsidered" by Gregory J. Riley.

Chasity said:   September 5, 2011 11:46 am PST
My husbands earliest memory, in his baby bed-he thought "I hope I chose right." Feeling that he "chose" to be in that reincarnation.

N.Cullen said:   June 30, 2011 1:01 am PST
Hello Carol, I just wanted to share one of my 'recalls' regarding a past life. As a child I used to speak Japanese to my school-mates. I wore a kimono at home & wanted a pair of geta (wood shoes). All things about the Japanese culture felt comforting to me & still do. It was my fear of deep water that clued me into the awful truth that I drowned in my previous life, in Hawaii, in the tsunami of 1946. I was a prominent young woman, in my 20's & was transported by a wealthy benefactor from Kyoto, Japan, where I was born, to the island of Hawaii during WW2. I've overcome my fear of deep water but still avoid it. At almost 60yrs old, I can recall these 'facts' about my past life quite clearly & find that the 'knowing' of my past lives has only enrichened the life I'm enjoying now.

Melinda said:   June 20, 2011 3:50 am PST
As a child, I could understand someFrench and found comfort in praying Catholic prayers in French. I have lost that ability as an adult, but I always felt as a child that I used to be a French nun.

Cherri said:   May 22, 2011 4:32 am PST
My son who is now 11, did from 9 months of age, say things that would cause the whole family to stop and gap at him. After a while it became common. Looking back, do wish I had logged all that he had said and talked about. As he grew older, it all started fading around the age of 6. I do find the subject interesting having witnessed it first hand!

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