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RAHUL said:   April 18, 2011 10:50 am PST
Hi,Good morning,i am Rahul ,from INDIA, i Believe past Life & Rebirth. i Believe Aliens & Ufo's. i Believe our past Life & Rebirth is also on other planets as Aliens; in that planets Aliens Life span is 1,000years,or 10,000years,or 100,000years; in that planets Aliens Live without polution(They use solar energy,not use petrol,diesel Like us);They are Looking so Beautiful compare to us(not Like as Hollywood film Aliens);God created Not only our Dirty planet,he also created,good world's,for who people did good Things,in their past Life;if God is not Here,Then all planets,stars(suns),Asteroids,Black Holes are collapsed (crushed by Accident); i Think There is No Hell and No Heaven; God created only Hell Type of planets(Like our planet)& Heaven Type of planets; i Think There is No Ghost. if There is Ghost, Then God Didn't created our planets&universe; Because,Ghost Destroy our planets & universe; only ourr past Life karma is Deside our Luck or Bad Luck; But suicide is Not Death,it is Against to GOD. Note:There are 9 planets,100 moons in our solar system,There are 10,000crores (100 Billions)above solar systems in our Galaxy,There are above 10,000crores (100 Billions)Galaxies in our Universe; There are Lot of universes in space;

Carol Hubbard said:   September 4, 2010 3:36 pm PST
Hi, Norma. Thanks for your nice comments. While it may seem that a lot of people claim to have been a famous person in the past, there are a couple of reasons for this perception that come to mind: (1) They may actually have been a famous person (because, obviously, current incarnations of previously famous individuals are going to get a lot more attention unless they choose to stay anonymous, or (2) they may have known or been close to that famous person in the past. As researchers Paul Von Ward, Adrian Finkelstein, and Walter Semkiw point out in their books, the past-life matching cases that are the most credible are the ones that can match facial biometrics, personality types, vocations/interests, information from established disincarnates, and past-life regression data from sessions with a certified PLR therapist. Hope this helps. ~ Carol

Norma Howard" Vieweg said:   September 4, 2010 2:23 pm PST
Hello Carol, I just stopped by to view your site here. How nice to know you have similar beliefs in reincarnation as well as the Tudors. I just don't understand though why so many people feel that they are the reincarnations of famous people, unless their presant life is just so boring they try to live the life of somone famous.

Florian Flur said:   August 2, 2010 10:06 pm PST
thank you for this interesting site!

Carol Hubbard said:   June 20, 2010 6:13 pm PST
Amedeo, to respond to your questions, I highly recommend Paul Von Ward's book, THE SOUL GENOME, and his full-length video presentation to the Atlanta Theosophical Society (see his page on this site). Also, Walter Semkiw's book (see his page) will be helpful, too. Blessings, Carol

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