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T H E   A M A Z I N G   S T O R Y   O F 
J A M E S   L E I N I N G E R

CLICK HERE to read Detailed Report (thanks to the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit)

SUMMARY: James Leininger was born in the late 1990s to Andrea and Bruce Leininger, an evangelical Christian couple in Louisiana. When James was 2, he began having vivid nightmares of trying to escape a flaming plane. Over the next year, as his vocabulary grew, his astounded parents began chronicling -- and then verifying -- the incredible details of what he told them about the plane, his location, and who he had been fighting.

The Leiningers discovered that James had been 21-year-old WWII fighter pilot James Huston Jr., who died when his plane was shot down in a battle over the Pacific ("Primetime Live" documentary follows in two parts) . . .

This next "Primetime Live" special (2009) interviews 11-year-old James Leininger with his parents, Andrea and Bruce, about their new book, Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter PilotThe Leiningers also discuss the issue of reincarnation in light of their Christian faith.
(NOTE: You can link to SOUL SURVIVOR on Amazon at the bottom of this page.)

CLICK HERE to read the transcript of Larry King's 2009 interview of the Leiningers.

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