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PLR Institute is a nonprofit research organization founded by Heather Friedman Rivera (CHt, R.N., J.D., Ph.D, and board member of the International Association for Regression Research & Therapies Inc. [IAART])

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CLICK HERE for "The Limitations of Past-Life Information from
Regression Sessions or Channels" by Carol Hubbard.

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To research a possible past life and/or to facilitate healing for troublesome present-life issues, you may want to have one or more sessions of past-life regression therapy. To find a certified past-life therapist in your area, contact the IARRT:

CLICK HERE or CALL (951) 784-8400.

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Reincarnation & PLRT - "The Katie Couric Show" (2013)

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(excerpted from Past Life Regression by Ursula Markham, p. 37)

  • Never be afraid to ask a hypnotherapist about his or her training, qualifications and insurance

  • Any hypnotherapist should be willing to spend ten to fifteen minutes talking to you—without charge—to answer your questions in order to put your mind at rest before you decide to go ahead with the treatment.

  • Beware of therapists who try to convince you that they have ‘special powers’ or who are unwilling to explain each stage of the process to you.

  • Avoid someone who tries to charge you for a complete course of treatment at the outset. It is impossible to know how many sessions particular patients are going to need until you have worked with them.

  • Listen to other people. There is no better recommendation than the word of someone whose opinion you respect.

  • Trust your intuition. If you do not feel at ease with a particular therapist, he or she is not the one for you.

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Heather Friedman Rivera, CHt, RN, JD, PhD


Greg McHugh, CHt
(author of The New Regression Therapy)

Pamela Welch, MA, CHt

Debi Markley Lundquist, PLR, BLSR, CHt



Wilja Witcombe  (Sri Lanka)

CLICK HERE to download an excerpt (pdf format) from Wilja's speech, "Evidence of Reincarnation: A Path to Peace."

Blossom Furtado (Hypnotherapy School of India -- Delhi)

*The therapists listed here are certified PLRTs who I know personally, I've worked with, or have been recommended by someone I know. This does not constitute an unqualified endorsement of any of these individuals, however. When looking for a PLRT, make sure that he or she is certified through a professional organization such as the IARRT or the IBRT (among others) -- and recognize that you may need to try more than one PLRT before you find one you like working with.

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