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P A U L   V O N   W A R D

  • MPA from Harvard with focus on organizational and social psychology
  • Independent cosmologist and reincarnation researcher
  • Former U.S. State Department diplomat and naval officer
  • Author of The Soul Genome. (See Barnes & Noble link below.)
  • Other books: We've Never Been Alone (previously Gods, Genes and Consciousness), Our Solarian Legacy, and Dismantling the Pyramid
CLICK HERE to read "Reincarnation: Science, Proof & Truth"

CLICK HERE to read "What If Reincarnation Is Real?"

CLICK HERE to read "Facial Geometry and Reincarnation"

CLICK HERE to read "Selections on Reincarnation Through History"

CLICK HERE to read "How Big Is Your God?"

CLICK HERE to download a Word document of Josie Varga's Q&A with Paul in November 2009 about the Reincarnation Experiment.

CLICK HERE to read Paul's email about ongoing scientific research about reincarnation (June 2009).

CLICK HERE to listen to Paul being interviewed about The Reincarnation Experiment on "The Conspiracy Show" (Zoomer Radio 740 AM) (August 2010, 2 hours).
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Canadian TV producer interviews Paul about
The Reincarnation Experiment (October 2008)

Canadian producer questions Paul about
the Soul Genome vs. the Parental Genome

TV journalist Nikolina Dragosevic interviews Paul in Croatia
about reincarnation (December 2008)

Paul makes the case that modern-day artist Peter Teekamp and his business partner Michelle Moshay are highly likely to be the current incarnations of the psychoplasms (in science) or soul genomes (in metaphysics) formerly incarnated in the famous 19th-century French painter Paul Gauguin and his wife, Mette (November 2009):

"Reincarnation Validated"
Paul Von Ward at The Theosophical Society of Atlanta, Ga.
November 2009

Paul discusses the history, precepts and processes of reincarnation along with his continuing investigations and validations of scientific inquiries into the topic. (1:20)
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