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 R E I N C A R N A T I O N   a n d   T H E   B I B L E

CLICK HERE to download "Reincarnation and the Bible" -- a biblical, historical, scientific and cultural overview of the topic of reincarnation by Carol Hubbard, a seminary-trained writer and researcher who came out of an evangelical Christian background.

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Christians interested in an extensive, scholarly study of Christianity and reincarnation may find Swedish scholar Dr. Jan Erik Sigdell's website helpful.

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"The idea that reincarnation is contrary to the concept of salvation through grace is based upon an inadequate understanding both of the nature of reincarnation and of the biblical account. It completely misses the idea of Christ's judgment as a 'saving judgment' and his status as spiritual 'counselor' or 'advocate.' It also fails to understand that karma and reincarnation are the instruments of God's grace. It in fact limits God's grace by necessitating the injustice of an inscrutable judgment with dire eternal consequences after a single earthly life lived under conditions of gross inequity among human beings....

"It engenders spiritual indolence by encouraging those who say they don't want to have to again go through the pain of living another earthly life. It enables immorality by suggesting that one can avoid one's just debts to others by simply 'accepting Christ' without realizing that no one who truly accepts Christ can give any quarter to the desire of escaping full payment (restitution to those wronged)." ~ (pp. 263-364, The Soul's Long Journey: How the Bible Reveals Reincarnation by Edward Reaugh Smith)

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CLICK HERE to download "Excerpts from Life After Death: The Evidence, by Dinesh D’Souza

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CLICK HERE to visit "Beyond Religion," a website created by retired Presbyterian minister John W. Sloat.

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