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Scholars and skeptics, check this out:

Dr. Robert Almeder, Ph.D., of the Department of Philosophy at GSU, discusses how an 'accidental' viewing of a PBS interview with the late psychiatrist and reincarnation researcher/pioneer Ian Stephenson of the University of Virginia led Almeder to investigate the evidence and become an advocate for the validity of the research ...

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CLICK HERE for the remarkable story of James Leininger

CLICK HERE for "Facial Geometry and Reincarnation" by Paul Von Ward)

"In Andalusia, on the Trail of Inherited Memories" (The New York Times, 8/17/12) Can a person “remember” the lives of forebears? Can genes carry the burden of generations? A reporter follow clues of a secret identity -- of Sephardic Jewish ancestors who fled the Inquisition.

Email from Paul Von Ward (8/19/12): "This article supports reincarnation research about the 'soul genome' on the spectrum between physicality and non-physical consciousness. It too suggests a link along the lines of entanglement between information and body as in the sub-particle physics lab."




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