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"After I read 'Reincarnation and the Bible,' I was in tears because, at last, I found a clear and concise explanation of the teachings in the Bible. I was raised Baptist, and have struggled fiercely with the belief in reincarnation. Your document has helped to ease that, because it sounds like you have had the same struggles as I have. Thank you for writing this. My soul has resonated with this, and I shall continue the eternal pilgrimage of the soul." ~ Blessings ... (Donna Erskine, Pennsylvania)

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"I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I've just given your paper ["Reincarnation: An Investigation through Scripture, Science and Experience"] a quick read, and I very much appreciate the even-handed approach you've given to the subject of reincarnation in the Bible. Personally, I have found the use of Hebrews 9:27 to refute the notion of reincarnation rather dubious. I apply the principle of '2 or 3 witnesses' to Scripture interpretation. Yet, I know that if I bring up reincarnation with Christians, this is the text that will be brandished proof against it. One text? So, I very much appreciate your exegesis of this text, and I will consider your alternative explanation.

"I am what you might call a Messianic believer, or follower of the Hebrew Roots movement. I came across the notion of reincarnation in my reading of some Jewish literature. I've been challenged to rethink my traditional Christian perspective on the subject. Honestly, I'm not convinced either way. But I did want to let you know that your article has been one of the more helpful pieces that I've read in my attempts to consider the possible biblical case for reincarnation. Cheers!" (Adam H., British Columbia)

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